Mobile Phones

Prior to the formation of Transcom Telecom Ltd in 1997, The current MD Stephen Tang was actively involved in the selling of mobile phones. In 1992, after being made redundant as an Electrical Engineer, he set up Transcom Cellular Services. Back then there was an evolution from the old analogue network to the GSM Digital network.  The famous flip phone Motorola StarTac II, which cost nearly £1000 at the time, gave way to the first GSM phone, the Nokia 1011.

After being appointed a Vodafone Connect dealer in 1995, an office in Windsor was set up to deal with the increasing work load. During the peak periods, around 100 Vodafone air time contracts were being sold per month, with the Motorola 7200 being the most popular handset being sold. By 1996 Vodafone contracts were outsold by a new Operator called One 2 One.  This PCN Operator took the market by storm with the revolutionary free evenings and weekend calls. What started in London had quickly established coverage around the M25 and then countrywide within a few years. Herald the birth of T-Mobile when One 2 One was eventually purchased by the German company.

During this period of time, the mobile phone business had gone through some dramatic times. With the immense competition in the market place and forever shrinking commission structures, a lot of independent mobile phone dealers in the High Street had collapsed, and in their place came the likes of Carphonewarehouse, Phones4U and shops from all the Network Operators.

With the immense knowledge which had been built up over the years, Transcom Telecom is in a good position, to provide you with all aspects of the mobile phone business whether it is in buying or selling. If you have an immediate requirement, please send us an email.