SIM Cards:

Transcom Telecom’s achievement over the years always relied on its key agents, who share an integral part of it success. As well as agents within the UK, we now have established partners in the USA, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Australia. Our goal is simple – anybody who is likely to come to the UK will be viewed as a potential customer of ours, because they will all need a mobile SIM card.

This leads to endless possibilities, whether you are an agency who provides a one stop service to bring students, migrant workers, or travellers to the UK, or you are a company who wish to re-locate your staff to the UK on a temporary contract, then you have come to the right place.

We are always actively looking for overseas partners / agents to share the profits generated by the distribution of the sim cards. There are basically two models to choose from:

  1. Get the UK sim cards completely free of charge from us; just pay for the shipping. Decide how much you’ll charge your customer or provide them to your customers free of charge as part of your promotion.
  2. Pay between 25p to £1 for the sim card (you decide) and get a fixed commission when the sim card gets activated and topped up. The higher you pay for each sim card, the higher the commission amount. All SIM cards are tracked using the bar coded serial numbers. Exact commission amounts will be disclosed once an agreement has been received, and is subjected to prevailing rates paid out by the networks.

Phonecards and Mobile Top Up Vouchers:

Our experience in the phonecards market means we currently stock an extensive range of phonecards to cater for every taste. As well as distributing the most popular brand of phonecards, we also have some which are exclusive to Transcom Telecom. Over the years, we have established a close relationship with all the Phonecards Suppliers, so if you don’t see a card in our Products range – because we can only list the most popular ones here on our website. Feel free to ask, the chances are we can get it for you.

We also stock all the mobile top up vouchers in the market from Lycamobile, Lebara mobile to Vectone and Now mobile.

What’s next ?

If you are interested in becoming an Agent or Reseller,  please download our Application form and either send, fax or scan / email back to us.