Boss Revolution

The International Calling Revolution Start Here ! So what is Boss Revolution ? Simply put – A Simple, Pinless, Low Cost International Calling Service from Anywhere in the World to Anywhere in the World. Interested ? Click here for more information.

These days, everybody are using What’s App, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and endless other free Apps to call their loved ones all over the world. So what makes Boss Revolution different, I hear you ask ? Well put simple NOTHING ? Except that you can make calls to ANY number in the world including landlines and mobiles, and their numbers do not have to be added to your profile list either as friends or acquaintances. For example if you need to make a call to company on a landline number or to a local hotel, a restaurant, a car hire company etc, their numbers simply cannot be added as your friend. But with Boss Revolution, you can call them all at a touch of a button! And all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional telecom provider. The App is simple to use, it always display your balance, tells you the rate it will charge you, and displays the total cost when you finish. With rates starting from 0.5p per minute to selected international destinations, and 3p per minute to call any UK mobile numbers, you will be making significant savings. This service is ideal for existing UK customers on Pay As You Go (PAYG) who are paying between 20p – 30p per minute for calls to UK mobiles.

Signing up for this service is simple – all you’ll need is a UK mobile number and your account will be set up within minutes. And for a limited time only, you will get some FREE credit to try out the service. Don’t forget, once you have an account, the credit can be accessed from all your devices, phone, tablet and even the PC.

To set up your account now, please Click here, or if you prefer, just call 0303 313 4288 from any UK mobiles and you will set up instantly. A text will advise you your account number and log in password, with some credit to try the service. And you download the App from the Android / IOS Apps store, a further FREE credit will be given to make things even simpler !